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Chambers|Pilon Firm Overview

Chambers|Pilon is a family run, multi-generational personal injury law firm devoted to getting the best possible outcomes for their clients in cases of injury or wrongful death.

About Chambers|Pilon

Helping our clients is helping our community.
When unfortunate events occur, we fight with courage and compassion to get our clients the compensation they deserve.
Established in 1971, our firm has deep roots in the St. Petersburg community, and we’re devoted to helping others and making our community a better place.
You're more than a case number.
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Our Attorneys

Our experienced personal injury attorneys work directly with clients to ensure they receive the highest level of service possible while providing a hands-on approach and going the extra mile from the start of each case to the end.

Entrenched in St. Pete History

In 1964, after graduating law school, Joe Chambers embarked on his legal career by joining a small yet prominent law firm in St. Petersburg. At that time, personal injury law wasn't a primary focus of the legal profession, but he decided to explore it. He found himself handling a few personal injury and criminal cases almost by default, as other attorneys weren’t interested in taking them. He developed experience in litigation through these cases, making him a standout in the St. Petersburg law community. He relished the challenges of the courtroom and the spirit of the competition, but mostly he appreciated the opportunity to help those in need.
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Many of Joe’s initial cases originated from the neighborhoods of South St. Petersburg, and he quickly gained a reputation for righting wrongs, with his motivation extending beyond monetary gain to genuinely helping those who needed it. This included a win against the St. Petersburg Police Department which included monetary compensation–something that was unheard of at this time, as well as a win against two veteran, highly-regarded prosecutors who hadn’t lost in nearly 400 cases. This reputation sparked a word-of-mouth snowball effect, solidifying Joe Chambers’ place as a dedicated advocate for justice in the St. Petersburg community.

By 1971, Joe was ready to go out on his own and do the kind of work he wanted to do – representing those who needed help the most – personal injury and workers compensation. The 80s found the firm continuing to grow. In 1987, Joe’s oldest son Joey joined the practice. The firm’s growth resulted in a wider expanse of representing members of the community, which included many verdicts and settlements in excess of $1,000,000.
In 1990, Joe’s second son Jeff joined the expanding firm. The firm’s reach was expanding with handling cases across the entire State of Florida, with cases in State and Federal Court. In the mid-1990’s, the firm was entrusted with, and had the honor of, representing the family of a young child who had been severely injured in a horrific collision. After a 3-year battle with the Defendant’s insurance company, the firm was successful in obtaining one of the largest recoveries in Pinellas County history - a total payout for the lifetime medical and support needs of the child of more than $60,000,000.

The 2000s saw the firm trying cases across the State, including a tragic case involving an elderly gentleman who suffered a severe brain injury in an accident in Daytona Beach. During the trial held in Volusia County, the Defendant’s insurance company realized that it was in its best interest to resolve the case and made a multi-million dollar offer to settle.
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The firm’s significant and consistent results continued to solidify the firm’s place as one of the top personal injury firms in the State and beyond. The firm undertook a tragic automobile accident case in Georgia involving a wife and mother who was paralyzed in the accident. The case ended up in Federal Court. After a multi-year battle, the case was resolved for more than $1,000,000.

Thereafter, the firm was co-counsel in a place crash case that occurred in Lexington, Kentucky when a Delta Comair flight crashed during takeoff resulting in the death of 47 passengers and 2 crew members. One such individual who died was a senior vice president and COO for a prominent charitable foundation. The firm was privileged to represent his family in their fight for justice due to their tragic loss. After pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit, a confidential settlement was reached.

With continued growth and meeting the needs of the community, the firm further expanded. In 2020, the firm was fortunate to add Chad Pilon who brings nearly 20 years of extensive litigation experience. Also in 2020, Austin Chambers (Jeff Chambers’ son and 3rd generation member of the firm) was hired away from his firm in Colorado to join the firm’s litigation team. Chad and Austin have been instrumental in helping the firm’s litigation department in securing tens of millions of dollars for the firm’s clients since 2020.

The firm’s mission is the same today as it was when the firm started in 1971 – to use all of its expertise and resources to help those in need and to fight for victims and families whose lives have been upended by the negligence of others; and, to do so with care and empathy by treating each client the way each member of the firm would want to be treated.
"Overall one of the best individuals I have ever met. Has a very calm & collective composure, and works really hard to get the job done. Couldn't have picked a better attorney to represent me."
Chambers|Pilon Client